Unlock your potential

Every person has the potential
for great impact in their world.

You have a mission, a purpose.

You know you were made to have great impact.

But the reality is, navigating the social and economic context to live out your purpose is complex, challenging and comes with no guide book.

It is my personal mission to use the skills and resources I have been given to walk alongside purpose-driven people to have the impact they were made to have through their lives, leadership, teams and organisations.

How will you unlock your potential?

Create space for what matters in your work and life

I write about practical tools that enable purpose-driven people like you to use your time and skills more effectively to do what matters (to you).

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Lead others with impact and integrity

I also write about tools leaders can use to hone their decision-making skills, develop their personal effectiveness or uplift their team's performance.

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Solve important problems as a team

At Wizard Innovation Labs, we enable teams to turn ideas into action through strategy, innovation, culture and systems.

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Create positive impact through corporations

As a qualified accountant and experienced board member, I help organisations define real strategy. manage risk and unlock innovation to succeed.

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Hello I am


Throughout my varied career, one thing has always driven me: helping individuals reach their potential. As my winding career continues, it is my mission to share the expertise I have gained to enable purpose-driven people to have greater impact through their lives, leadership, teams and organisations.

Learn a little about my journey below.

Consultant, coach and board member

2022 to 2024
Graduate Certificate in Psychology

2020 to 2021
Design and innovation consultant

2018 to 2020
Digital transformation consultant

2018 to NOW
Non-executive director for not for profits

2016 to 2018
Business process improvement specialist

2012 to 2016
Audit, risk and forensic accountant

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