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Does this sound familiar...?

You’ve been working for your boss for quite a few years. 


Everyone is saying you’re on the career fast track. 


Your boss trusts you. You know this because they come and ask your opinion on things way over your pay grade.


The time of year when promotions are handed out is approaching.


You imagine sitting down for that conversation and hearing you are a shoe-in for the manager role.


You start to think about what you’ll change once you get that official manager title. 


How you’ll start coaching junior team members who are currently technically your peers. 


How you’ll work on the team culture. 


How you’ll help take things off your bosses plate.


You also start to think about how you’ll spend that extra pay check. 


How you’ll upgrade your wardrobe. 


How you’ll be able to drive in once a week instead of public transport.


Then the performance review conversation comes:

“I don’t think now is the right time to put in your business case.”

What more could you have done?

You've been nailing all your deadlines.


You've been putting your hand up for extra projects.


You've been teaching the new people on your team.


You've been asking for feedback on what you can do better.


You've been trying so hard and yet the promotion seems further away than ever.

That's why it's time to stop trying harder.

Imagine if...

When the time comes to have a promotion conversation, you are ready.


You have already been "leading from the ranks".


Leaders in your business know you as someone who truly understands how the company works and already think of you as a leader.


Your peers on your team respect your expertise and value how you help them get their voices heard.


Juniors you work with already trust you to guide them and can't wait to see you get that promotion.


And best of all you are confident.


You have all the feedback and support you could need to make your case.


You know exactly what is required of you in the next role and can explain how you're ready for the challenge. 

That promotion would be a 'no brainer'

The Promo Plan Career Growth Program equips you to make your next promotion conversation that easy!

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